Friday, 24 May 2013

Bloody Roar 4 Free Download

Bloody Roar 4

The latest in the celebrated Bloody Roar series has now arrived on PlayStation 2 consoles. The famous beast fighters are back with enhanced beast powers. Each beast fighter has unique beast abilities which enable you to completely destroy your enemy. The fighters are easy to control but difficult to master with a variety of chainable moves.( Unlike previous Bloody Roar titles, Bloody Roar 4 is darker, bloodier and even fiercer than ever. Bloody Roar 4 features more than 13 character with high quality 3D battle stages along with 8 different gameplay modes. These modes include Arcade mode, Time Attack mode, Versus mode, Training mode, Sparring mode, Survival mode, Computer Battle mode, and newly added "Career mode". In Career mode, you battle computer-controlled enemies one after another earning DNA which you can then use to build up your character. Select special abilities to make your character more powerful, then take your fighter into the other game modes or save to the PlayStation memory card and take it to your friend's house. From rank amateurs to hardcore fighting experts, enjoy weeks of exciting fighting action. Unleash your beast within and step into one of our 3D arenas.



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